Keep fit… my exercise, what I do…

Since I start this journey, one of the things that helps to change was the exercise.

3/4 times a week I exercise myself. If it is good weather I go for a run more or less 3 km, I will try to increase in the next fews weeks for 4.5 km. And then I do some abs exercises, 5x planks each with 1 min, 50 squats and 5 sets of 10 push ups. When is raining I do 50 rockstars jumps instead of the run.

Somethings are changing in my life at the moment, so after that I will be able to start again at the gym and as a friend advice I will start to do weightlifting, to continue my goal of burn fat and build muscle, that is what I need at the moment is build muscle, as I lost weight in the last year and half and didn’t build much muscle. And I’m doing already some changes on my diet in result to help in the future but I still need to organize some bits, that I will update in the future when is all settle.

But what is important is think what you manage to do, start slow and don’t exaggerate in the beginning.

As one day one friend said to me:


I leave in here what I follow for my abs exercises as a inspiration if someone need:



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