Meditation… found yourself

Everyday after my reading time, around 21:30h is meditation time for me. Is a time that I take to myself to relax and think about my day, my life, myself.

For me since I start the change of my lifestyle is the most important part of my day, even if for some reason I don’t manage to do, I try to found at least 30 min of my day to do it. Or if I have a more stressful day, I do a meditation time in the middle of the day to help to found myself and relieve the stress.

I make myself comfortable in bed, that is where normally I do my meditation, on the top of the covers. I start with sound of waves normally, I love the sea and is one of the things that makes me relax. And the sound of the waves makes me getting on the mood for a nice relaxing moment. Sometimes I also use, forest sounds, birds singing or sometimes a calm classic music helps.

In the moment of the meditation I think in the grateful things that happen in the day, in the people that I love and care for, the happy moments of the day.

Relax and found yourself…

p.s.: this is my honest opinion, videos that I used to do the meditation


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