Goodnight… sleep tight… tips

Why I don’t manage to sleep well?…

Waking up tired after sleeping all night…


Walking up during the night lots of times…

First of all you need to discover what is making you not sleeping well. Not sleeping well can be a symptom for lots of things, and can lead to others, to undesired effects.

Why you not sleeping well?

  • Stress;
  • Worry about something;
  • Not have sleeping habits;
  • Not have the correct environment to sleep.

If you don’t have a goodnight sleep, can lead to other problems like:

  • You gonna feel that you need to eat more to get more energy, ending up eating not healthy food;
  • Put on weight that can be lead by not eating healthy but as well disorder in your gastro-digestive system because of the stress;
  • You gonna feel that you are not productive in your daily basis activities (that you don’t want to go to the gym for example because you are to tired);
  • Your mood change, be more irritable by nothing;
  • Some studies says that can weaken your immune system, leaving you more vulnerable for cold and flu;
  • Because you are worried and stress, and not sleeping to restore your system, your blood pressure can increase, that can lead to future problems as high blood pressure, heart disease or even stroke.

So by all of this is important to have a goodnight of restore sleep.

At some point of my life I had very bad problems sleeping, I end up being days not sleeping , but my life was a big mess, and not sleeping was making worst. And one of the things I know that was important for my change of life, change of habits, change attitude was sleep, have a goodnight sleep, every single night.

What I do to have a goodnight sleep? What I start doing?

  • Sleep schedule: go to bed at the same time everyday, even if it is your day off. I go to bed everyday at 22h and get up at 7h. Giving me 9h of sleep. And with that I can restaure all my energy and give me energy for my next day.
  • Eat a light meal before bed, and avoid drinking lots of water.
  • Create a bedtime ritual:
    • 1h before bedtime I stay reading a book with relaxing music behind, during 30 min. Then when I go to bed I still have the music and do my meditation time during other 30 min.
  • When I’m reading often I drink a cup of tea, normally camomile or ginger tea, with no milk or sugar.
  • Get comfortable:
    • for me I need to sleep in the dark, so I change my curtains.
    • create the room ideal for you, like cool down, in the dark and quiet.






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