Enjoy your own company and be happy…

Being alone in a foreign country was very difficult being alone in the silence when back home I always had people around, people to talk and had that company in my side.

When I came here and start leaving with others was still the same, but when I decide to live alone around 1 1/2 years ago, in the beginning was very good and enjoyable but I start to feel the loneliness around 1 year ago. Was the most difficult time for me, I do shift work, so coming home and not have people around. I cry sometimes day and night. I didn’t bother cooking, or doing anything. Even watch Tv was just to have some noise in the background to not be completely silence. I start not managing to sleep properly. My family start noticing that something was wrong because I was not calling my mum to talk, staying sometimes 2 weeks without talking to them.

img_0183I went home in February 2016, and my mum give me a book “21 Days to Master Affirmations”. I didn’t bother reading and leave on the side. But in June when I was feeling very down and low in mood, my mum said “read the book that I give you and is gonna help”.

I’m gonna confess was not the most interesting book for me, I done 3 days of it, but I decide to continue reading, as I enjoy read and get some other books.

I know that lots of people talk about it, but “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne change a lot. I start to feel that I need to do something to me to change.

Enjoying my own company was not just being alone at home, was as well be able to go out alone and manage to do the normal stuff. So I start changing my flat, start decorating a bit more. As it was summer time I start going to the path near by me and walk without route. I start to enjoy stay setting in the children park closed by me and see the children playing. Going to the cinema alone. Going to a coffee shop with a nice book and stay there reading. Or even to a park.

Took a while but now I can say that I enjoy my own company. I go to a restaurant alone and is nice to enjoy a meal with a nice view. I start enjoying watching a good movie with a nice glass of wine.

With all this, the company of other people start coming up, I start meeting other people and going out. And not people from work, people with diferente lifestyles and diferente life experiences. But I know, as well that if I don’t have someone to go out I can do something nice by myself.

In another post I will talk about traveling alone and meeting other places alone, how I do and nice things to do.

But for now, enjoy your own company is the best way to start happiness.



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