When I was very low, was not just the sadness, low mood, that was affecting me, was as well the money. I wanted to be independent, live by myself and manage to pay my bills alone, but I was struggling and I didn’t know why.

So when this change start was one of the things that I needed to change. I needed to know where the money was going so I could know where I could spend to manage to get more healthy food, as all we know that healthy and organic food are a bit more expensive. I discover from my counting that most part of the money was going to grocery shop and eating out.

So what I start doing, apart from the meal planning so I know what I was eating in the week, I knew as well what I need to buy. And I put a limit on myself, I didn’t buy nothing extra from that list, and each grocery shop couldn’t be more than 25£/30£ per week. I start doing the envelop system as well so was a way to manage my money monthly much better.

can-you-save-money-and-eat-healthy-food-at-the-same-time_0In the beginning was difficult but soon I start learning how to do it. In terms of grocery shop I learn that frozen vegetables and fruit are more cheap and last long than fresh ones. So I brought spinach, broccoli and others. Even the fruit for my morning smoothies I buy frozen because first is more cheap and then give a fresh taste to the smoothie.

Another tip that I start doing was compare the supermarkets and use the coupons that I received at home. Buy frozen fish, buy the meat and put in bags in the freezer ready to make when I need. For example, in a meal I don’t use a whole onion, normally just 1/4 so what I do I cut the other 3/4 and prepare in freezing bags to use for another time. This way I can save it. And I do this for other vegetables as well.

In this way I manage to reduce my grocery bill from 300£/month to 150£/month. What is very good thinking that I’m eating more healthy food and I cut as well with the meals out.

So in my monthly budget what I do in the beginning of the month is take out of my account 150£ for the grocery and 50£ for eating out put in my wallet and don’t use any more money apart from that one. And I can say works, I’m eating better and saving money.


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