Eating out, stay focus…

With all this changes in my life, I start going out again. And if you are changing yourself you start feeling good going out, feeling good making yourself pretty. So I start feeling that I deserve with all my effort have a nice lunch/dinner out with some friends, or even a date. Yes, with all this I could start going on dates again and knowing what I want for my life.

Eating out can be challenging when you are trying to keep your focus on the diet and be healthy.

fullsizeoutput_755What I learned was try to go to restaurants that have a bit more healthy options, like avoid fast-food like hamburgers and fry food. I continue having my favorites types of food, like Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican. But I start choosing the healthy options.

Most part of the restaurants now have a healthy option,  and if not they have options with salad or with more grill meat or fish. Avoid the heavy sauces, like meals with béchamel or mushroom sauce, they are very tasty but with lots of calories.

So what I have been doing is, don’t ask for a started as make me full and not able to enjoy the main meal properly. Have water instead of fizzy drink, or have a natural juice if the restaurant have that as a option. And in the desert, if it is moment to have it, go for a fruit option. Sometimes this options have sugar but in life we need a bit of sweetened, so it is not a big deal to have a treat sometimes.

Because creating healthy habits, and not restrictions. Enjoy life…



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