Change outside but as well inside…

Doesn’t matter if you are loosing weight as you want, but in your mind still the feeling that you are not grateful for the achievement done.

Something that I learned in this journey was I need to be grateful for everything that happens in my life. Of course that is not easy everyday, but with the time I learned how to be more positive about things and that help me not finding the bad things that happen, that bad. I start to understand that everything has a purpose to happen.

happy_heartFor this to happen, I organize my day to not loose the focus in what I want to do, to keep my goals in my mind, be positive and, of course, grateful.

My main goal for everyday is feel good, nothing and no one can get me down. I start to ignore the people that I know that get me down and they don’t bring any benefit for me. At work is difficult sometimes, and I say this because is where I feel that is more people that want me sad and down, so I don’t do my job correctly. So what I start doing was ignore, don’t talk with them about my private life and concentrate in what jobs I need to do for that day. (I still talk with them about work but the minimum and what is necessary).  I needed to work myself to the things I do, to receive love, to feel the love from doing it. Was doing this that I start loving again my job, was doing this that remind me again why I done my graduation, and why I love this work in the beginning. And I can say that almost 1 year later since I start changing my way to see life, I’m progressing in my career.

With all this changes I start feeling good, because I’m doing what I like, I’m enjoying the work and seeing that my effort is having results. I’m finding time to do exercise that before I was to tired to do, I start wanting to cook and be again creative, and with all that I start loosing the weight I wanted. I didn’t arrive yet to my goal but I’m working on it without loosing my focus point.

So my main point is be positive, be grateful for the things that happen, feel the love for the things and people surround you. Look for the people around you and see their happiness, if it is negative energy around, think positive, think in love.

With all this I can say at the moment I’m a independent and happy women. 



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