Change to eat more healthy…

During this journey I change my diet almost drastically.

When I was back home, having mummy food my diet was balanced, I had more fruit and vegetables and even that everyday was a different dish full of goodies. Of course when you moved by yourself, even if it is just to the other end of the road. You change, your routines change, and of course your diet.

img_1455That was one of the things that change, in the beginning I done the effort to do my mum food, but stress from work and the other things that was happen in my life, I end up not bothering being more creative in the kitchen. Because first was just to myself and second if could take less time was better. So I start eating crap food and put on weight that was one of the reasons that make me feel even more down.

But when I decide to change, the diet would need to be one of the first steps to it. And as I said before the exercise.

I start making a weekly plan of what I would eat, so I would know which things I would need to prepare in advance and make more easy in the time to prepare.

I change my breakfast, since I was a child I don’t have milk, not because I have a allergy or something like that, is because I don’t like the taste of it… strange I know. So I start trying other milk and the one that I can tolerate is coconut milk. So I do porridge or have a bit in the coffee to have with the toast.

When I’m off I do differently because I have more time, I wake up in the morning I do a smoothie, I leave for 30 min and then have breakfast. Help me getting all the fruit and fibra that I need.

Lunch time, I try to take from home when I’m at work, because first saves me money and then is more healthy. But I vary what I have, meat, fish, egg, rice, pasta, potato. Depend what I plan for the week.

Another thing was change my dinner meal for a homemade soup. As lots of diets that you look around they cut with carbohydrates and is protein and vegetables. No, because my full time job I couldn’t do that, first would not be good for my health and then after a stressful day at work you need energy to recovery for the next day.

So my soups always have 1 or 2 potatoes. I do butter squash soup, carrot soup, vegetable soup, or even a tradicional soup from my country that is spinach soup. Every week I do a different one, so I choose a day of the week to make the soup for the rest of the 6 days. I storage in the fridge and freezer and when I come home from a stressful day is just heat up and eat.

I also try to introduce dry fruit and nuts, but still a goal in progress that I would like to achieve before summer time. One thing at the time…



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