Be happy be healthy…

Be happy don’t just mean be happy emotionally, means feel amazing inside and outside.

Other thing that was making me feel down, was my body. I was not happy how I was looking in the mirror everyday, so this life change also include change my diet, change my exercise schedule.

fullsizeoutput_813First thing that you need to do to start the change is declutter your life, starting by your house and add to your weekly planning a schedule exercise.

I done a plan regarding this and what I done was, start decluttering my kitchen and pantry.  Take the unhealthy food and snacks was my first goal, and start making myself buying organic and fresh food. Of course, this envolve a change in the budget as I live alone I need to think which things I needed to change as direct debits and subscriptions that I don’t need, to put that money in the grocery budget.

Something that I also invested was in gym clothing and add to my budget a gym subscription. That was part of my phase 1 change, and telling the truth took me a couple of months to figure out all of this, and do the change in the budget.

A change take time and energy spend but in the end is worth it and seeing the goal being achieved make you feel amazing with more energy to achieve the other goals that you have in your list.

So think in what you want to change in your life is the first step to be independent and happy.


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