unknown  We need to make decisions every second, every minute, every hour, every day of our lives.We need to make decisions about what we gonna eat, what we gonna do during the day, this are decisions that we made sometimes without noticing but they are the most important ones. As it is from them that we enjoy everyday of our lives.

A year ago I was doing my work, cooking, eating, the basic stuff mainly of the daily basis, and most days without thinking about it, and to be honest I was thinking that I was happy but I wasn’t. Was one day that I was at home and decide to read a book that my mum give to me, months before. I start reading and start thinking “Ana, you need to change, you need to do something to your life, to really enjoy it”.

Was couple of days after that I found “The Secret” from Rhonda Byrne, and reading it, and I found what I needed to do to change. Of course, this need to be another conversation.

After this thought I start making the most difficult decisions of my life, but the decisions that today I don’t regret. I’m happy with them and of course I still have most more to come in my life but the decision to be happy was the most important one.



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