When I was very low, was not just the sadness, low mood, that was affecting me, was as well the money. I wanted to be independent, live by myself and manage to pay my bills alone, but I was struggling and I didn’t know why.

So when this change start was one of the things that I needed to change. I needed to know where the money was going so I could know where I could spend to manage to get more healthy food, as all we know that healthy and organic food are a bit more expensive. I discover from my counting that most part of the money was going to grocery shop and eating out.

So what I start doing, apart from the meal planning so I know what I was eating in the week, I knew as well what I need to buy. And I put a limit on myself, I didn’t buy nothing extra from that list, and each grocery shop couldn’t be more than 25£/30£ per week. I start doing the envelop system as well so was a way to manage my money monthly much better.

can-you-save-money-and-eat-healthy-food-at-the-same-time_0In the beginning was difficult but soon I start learning how to do it. In terms of grocery shop I learn that frozen vegetables and fruit are more cheap and last long than fresh ones. So I brought spinach, broccoli and others. Even the fruit for my morning smoothies I buy frozen because first is more cheap and then give a fresh taste to the smoothie.

Another tip that I start doing was compare the supermarkets and use the coupons that I received at home. Buy frozen fish, buy the meat and put in bags in the freezer ready to make when I need. For example, in a meal I don’t use a whole onion, normally just 1/4 so what I do I cut the other 3/4 and prepare in freezing bags to use for another time. This way I can save it. And I do this for other vegetables as well.

In this way I manage to reduce my grocery bill from 300£/month to 150£/month. What is very good thinking that I’m eating more healthy food and I cut as well with the meals out.

So in my monthly budget what I do in the beginning of the month is take out of my account 150£ for the grocery and 50£ for eating out put in my wallet and don’t use any more money apart from that one. And I can say works, I’m eating better and saving money.


Eating out, stay focus…

With all this changes in my life, I start going out again. And if you are changing yourself you start feeling good going out, feeling good making yourself pretty. So I start feeling that I deserve with all my effort have a nice lunch/dinner out with some friends, or even a date. Yes, with all this I could start going on dates again and knowing what I want for my life.

Eating out can be challenging when you are trying to keep your focus on the diet and be healthy.

fullsizeoutput_755What I learned was try to go to restaurants that have a bit more healthy options, like avoid fast-food like hamburgers and fry food. I continue having my favorites types of food, like Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican. But I start choosing the healthy options.

Most part of the restaurants now have a healthy option,  and if not they have options with salad or with more grill meat or fish. Avoid the heavy sauces, like meals with béchamel or mushroom sauce, they are very tasty but with lots of calories.

So what I have been doing is, don’t ask for a started as make me full and not able to enjoy the main meal properly. Have water instead of fizzy drink, or have a natural juice if the restaurant have that as a option. And in the desert, if it is moment to have it, go for a fruit option. Sometimes this options have sugar but in life we need a bit of sweetened, so it is not a big deal to have a treat sometimes.

Because creating healthy habits, and not restrictions. Enjoy life…


Change outside but as well inside…

Doesn’t matter if you are loosing weight as you want, but in your mind still the feeling that you are not grateful for the achievement done.

Something that I learned in this journey was I need to be grateful for everything that happens in my life. Of course that is not easy everyday, but with the time I learned how to be more positive about things and that help me not finding the bad things that happen, that bad. I start to understand that everything has a purpose to happen.

happy_heartFor this to happen, I organize my day to not loose the focus in what I want to do, to keep my goals in my mind, be positive and, of course, grateful.

My main goal for everyday is feel good, nothing and no one can get me down. I start to ignore the people that I know that get me down and they don’t bring any benefit for me. At work is difficult sometimes, and I say this because is where I feel that is more people that want me sad and down, so I don’t do my job correctly. So what I start doing was ignore, don’t talk with them about my private life and concentrate in what jobs I need to do for that day. (I still talk with them about work but the minimum and what is necessary).  I needed to work myself to the things I do, to receive love, to feel the love from doing it. Was doing this that I start loving again my job, was doing this that remind me again why I done my graduation, and why I love this work in the beginning. And I can say that almost 1 year later since I start changing my way to see life, I’m progressing in my career.

With all this changes I start feeling good, because I’m doing what I like, I’m enjoying the work and seeing that my effort is having results. I’m finding time to do exercise that before I was to tired to do, I start wanting to cook and be again creative, and with all that I start loosing the weight I wanted. I didn’t arrive yet to my goal but I’m working on it without loosing my focus point.

So my main point is be positive, be grateful for the things that happen, feel the love for the things and people surround you. Look for the people around you and see their happiness, if it is negative energy around, think positive, think in love.

With all this I can say at the moment I’m a independent and happy women. 


Change to eat more healthy…

During this journey I change my diet almost drastically.

When I was back home, having mummy food my diet was balanced, I had more fruit and vegetables and even that everyday was a different dish full of goodies. Of course when you moved by yourself, even if it is just to the other end of the road. You change, your routines change, and of course your diet.

img_1455That was one of the things that change, in the beginning I done the effort to do my mum food, but stress from work and the other things that was happen in my life, I end up not bothering being more creative in the kitchen. Because first was just to myself and second if could take less time was better. So I start eating crap food and put on weight that was one of the reasons that make me feel even more down.

But when I decide to change, the diet would need to be one of the first steps to it. And as I said before the exercise.

I start making a weekly plan of what I would eat, so I would know which things I would need to prepare in advance and make more easy in the time to prepare.

I change my breakfast, since I was a child I don’t have milk, not because I have a allergy or something like that, is because I don’t like the taste of it… strange I know. So I start trying other milk and the one that I can tolerate is coconut milk. So I do porridge or have a bit in the coffee to have with the toast.

When I’m off I do differently because I have more time, I wake up in the morning I do a smoothie, I leave for 30 min and then have breakfast. Help me getting all the fruit and fibra that I need.

Lunch time, I try to take from home when I’m at work, because first saves me money and then is more healthy. But I vary what I have, meat, fish, egg, rice, pasta, potato. Depend what I plan for the week.

Another thing was change my dinner meal for a homemade soup. As lots of diets that you look around they cut with carbohydrates and is protein and vegetables. No, because my full time job I couldn’t do that, first would not be good for my health and then after a stressful day at work you need energy to recovery for the next day.

So my soups always have 1 or 2 potatoes. I do butter squash soup, carrot soup, vegetable soup, or even a tradicional soup from my country that is spinach soup. Every week I do a different one, so I choose a day of the week to make the soup for the rest of the 6 days. I storage in the fridge and freezer and when I come home from a stressful day is just heat up and eat.

I also try to introduce dry fruit and nuts, but still a goal in progress that I would like to achieve before summer time. One thing at the time…


Be happy be healthy…

Be happy don’t just mean be happy emotionally, means feel amazing inside and outside.

Other thing that was making me feel down, was my body. I was not happy how I was looking in the mirror everyday, so this life change also include change my diet, change my exercise schedule.

fullsizeoutput_813First thing that you need to do to start the change is declutter your life, starting by your house and add to your weekly planning a schedule exercise.

I done a plan regarding this and what I done was, start decluttering my kitchen and pantry.  Take the unhealthy food and snacks was my first goal, and start making myself buying organic and fresh food. Of course, this envolve a change in the budget as I live alone I need to think which things I needed to change as direct debits and subscriptions that I don’t need, to put that money in the grocery budget.

Something that I also invested was in gym clothing and add to my budget a gym subscription. That was part of my phase 1 change, and telling the truth took me a couple of months to figure out all of this, and do the change in the budget.

A change take time and energy spend but in the end is worth it and seeing the goal being achieved make you feel amazing with more energy to achieve the other goals that you have in your list.

So think in what you want to change in your life is the first step to be independent and happy.


unknown  We need to make decisions every second, every minute, every hour, every day of our lives.We need to make decisions about what we gonna eat, what we gonna do during the day, this are decisions that we made sometimes without noticing but they are the most important ones. As it is from them that we enjoy everyday of our lives.

A year ago I was doing my work, cooking, eating, the basic stuff mainly of the daily basis, and most days without thinking about it, and to be honest I was thinking that I was happy but I wasn’t. Was one day that I was at home and decide to read a book that my mum give to me, months before. I start reading and start thinking “Ana, you need to change, you need to do something to your life, to really enjoy it”.

Was couple of days after that I found “The Secret” from Rhonda Byrne, and reading it, and I found what I needed to do to change. Of course, this need to be another conversation.

After this thought I start making the most difficult decisions of my life, but the decisions that today I don’t regret. I’m happy with them and of course I still have most more to come in my life but the decision to be happy was the most important one.


A happy women to be…

Well, I don’t know how to start this post but as a small presentation I would like to say that a change take time, effort and lots of energy. Is not in one day that I manage to change not just the way that I think, feel but, as well, as I act.

In 2013 I done the biggest change, I moved country, I start living alone, I start my first job.

In 2016 I start changing my way to think about how I want my life to be, I was tired from who I was , I was tired from the things I was doing.

Now all that process is having effect, I can say I’m a single happy women.

2017 is gonna be another year full of changes and happiness that I would like to share in here…