Weekend away… relax and refresh

As part of my change I decide that once in a while I would take a weekend and do something different.

You don’t need to travel but at least do something different from your routine. Go to the cinema, go to another town for the day or even do like I did go to a Europe city and stay for the weekend and enjoy what they have to give you.

I went to Porto in Portugal, and knowing already the city was an advantage but I still manage to discover a bit more and relax that’s what I was needing to recover the energies.



Keep fit… my exercise, what I do…

Since I start this journey, one of the things that helps to change was the exercise.

3/4 times a week I exercise myself. If it is good weather I go for a run more or less 3 km, I will try to increase in the next fews weeks for 4.5 km. And then I do some abs exercises, 5x planks each with 1 min, 50 squats and 5 sets of 10 push ups. When is raining I do 50 rockstars jumps instead of the run.

Somethings are changing in my life at the moment, so after that I will be able to start again at the gym and as a friend advice I will start to do weightlifting, to continue my goal of burn fat and build muscle, that is what I need at the moment is build muscle, as I lost weight in the last year and half and didn’t build much muscle. And I’m doing already some changes on my diet in result to help in the future but I still need to organize some bits, that I will update in the future when is all settle.

But what is important is think what you manage to do, start slow and don’t exaggerate in the beginning.

As one day one friend said to me:


I leave in here what I follow for my abs exercises as a inspiration if someone need:


Meditation… found yourself

Everyday after my reading time, around 21:30h is meditation time for me. Is a time that I take to myself to relax and think about my day, my life, myself.

For me since I start the change of my lifestyle is the most important part of my day, even if for some reason I don’t manage to do, I try to found at least 30 min of my day to do it. Or if I have a more stressful day, I do a meditation time in the middle of the day to help to found myself and relieve the stress.

I make myself comfortable in bed, that is where normally I do my meditation, on the top of the covers. I start with sound of waves normally, I love the sea and is one of the things that makes me relax. And the sound of the waves makes me getting on the mood for a nice relaxing moment. Sometimes I also use, forest sounds, birds singing or sometimes a calm classic music helps.

In the moment of the meditation I think in the grateful things that happen in the day, in the people that I love and care for, the happy moments of the day.

Relax and found yourself…

p.s.: this is my honest opinion, videos that I used to do the meditation

Smoothies… my preparation for the week

During the week I don’t have time to cut the fruit and prepare everything in the morning to have my smoothie. So what I do is every week I prepare 5 bags with the fruit for my smoothies.

Why I do that? first because saves me times, and after my weekly shopping the fruit normally don’t stay fresh. So I wash, cut and separate in individual bags to put in the fridge.


For each bag I put 1 or 2 slices of pineapple, 4 strawberries, 1 apple; or 1 or 2 slices or pineapple, 1 apple and 1 banana.


So when is time to have the smoothie I just put in the blender with 1 cup of water and… ENJOY


Goodnight… sleep tight… tips

Why I don’t manage to sleep well?…

Waking up tired after sleeping all night…


Walking up during the night lots of times…

First of all you need to discover what is making you not sleeping well. Not sleeping well can be a symptom for lots of things, and can lead to others, to undesired effects.

Why you not sleeping well?

  • Stress;
  • Worry about something;
  • Not have sleeping habits;
  • Not have the correct environment to sleep.

If you don’t have a goodnight sleep, can lead to other problems like:

  • You gonna feel that you need to eat more to get more energy, ending up eating not healthy food;
  • Put on weight that can be lead by not eating healthy but as well disorder in your gastro-digestive system because of the stress;
  • You gonna feel that you are not productive in your daily basis activities (that you don’t want to go to the gym for example because you are to tired);
  • Your mood change, be more irritable by nothing;
  • Some studies says that can weaken your immune system, leaving you more vulnerable for cold and flu;
  • Because you are worried and stress, and not sleeping to restore your system, your blood pressure can increase, that can lead to future problems as high blood pressure, heart disease or even stroke.

So by all of this is important to have a goodnight of restore sleep.

At some point of my life I had very bad problems sleeping, I end up being days not sleeping , but my life was a big mess, and not sleeping was making worst. And one of the things I know that was important for my change of life, change of habits, change attitude was sleep, have a goodnight sleep, every single night.

What I do to have a goodnight sleep? What I start doing?

  • Sleep schedule: go to bed at the same time everyday, even if it is your day off. I go to bed everyday at 22h and get up at 7h. Giving me 9h of sleep. And with that I can restaure all my energy and give me energy for my next day.
  • Eat a light meal before bed, and avoid drinking lots of water.
  • Create a bedtime ritual:
    • 1h before bedtime I stay reading a book with relaxing music behind, during 30 min. Then when I go to bed I still have the music and do my meditation time during other 30 min.
  • When I’m reading often I drink a cup of tea, normally camomile or ginger tea, with no milk or sugar.
  • Get comfortable:
    • for me I need to sleep in the dark, so I change my curtains.
    • create the room ideal for you, like cool down, in the dark and quiet.





Burn calories to get inspiration…

When I need to think and get some inspiration… run is the best way. Yesterday was one of that days, I needed that inspiration to resolve the problems that was making me overthink. And nothing like go to exercise and burn some calories… and as well give a welcome back to the sun.




This is a sign Spring is on the way? 😀 I hope so…

Enjoy your own company and be happy…

Being alone in a foreign country was very difficult being alone in the silence when back home I always had people around, people to talk and had that company in my side.

When I came here and start leaving with others was still the same, but when I decide to live alone around 1 1/2 years ago, in the beginning was very good and enjoyable but I start to feel the loneliness around 1 year ago. Was the most difficult time for me, I do shift work, so coming home and not have people around. I cry sometimes day and night. I didn’t bother cooking, or doing anything. Even watch Tv was just to have some noise in the background to not be completely silence. I start not managing to sleep properly. My family start noticing that something was wrong because I was not calling my mum to talk, staying sometimes 2 weeks without talking to them.

img_0183I went home in February 2016, and my mum give me a book “21 Days to Master Affirmations”. I didn’t bother reading and leave on the side. But in June when I was feeling very down and low in mood, my mum said “read the book that I give you and is gonna help”.

I’m gonna confess was not the most interesting book for me, I done 3 days of it, but I decide to continue reading, as I enjoy read and get some other books.

I know that lots of people talk about it, but “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne change a lot. I start to feel that I need to do something to me to change.

Enjoying my own company was not just being alone at home, was as well be able to go out alone and manage to do the normal stuff. So I start changing my flat, start decorating a bit more. As it was summer time I start going to the path near by me and walk without route. I start to enjoy stay setting in the children park closed by me and see the children playing. Going to the cinema alone. Going to a coffee shop with a nice book and stay there reading. Or even to a park.

Took a while but now I can say that I enjoy my own company. I go to a restaurant alone and is nice to enjoy a meal with a nice view. I start enjoying watching a good movie with a nice glass of wine.

With all this, the company of other people start coming up, I start meeting other people and going out. And not people from work, people with diferente lifestyles and diferente life experiences. But I know, as well that if I don’t have someone to go out I can do something nice by myself.

In another post I will talk about traveling alone and meeting other places alone, how I do and nice things to do.

But for now, enjoy your own company is the best way to start happiness.



When I was very low, was not just the sadness, low mood, that was affecting me, was as well the money. I wanted to be independent, live by myself and manage to pay my bills alone, but I was struggling and I didn’t know why.

So when this change start was one of the things that I needed to change. I needed to know where the money was going so I could know where I could spend to manage to get more healthy food, as all we know that healthy and organic food are a bit more expensive. I discover from my counting that most part of the money was going to grocery shop and eating out.

So what I start doing, apart from the meal planning so I know what I was eating in the week, I knew as well what I need to buy. And I put a limit on myself, I didn’t buy nothing extra from that list, and each grocery shop couldn’t be more than 25£/30£ per week. I start doing the envelop system as well so was a way to manage my money monthly much better.

can-you-save-money-and-eat-healthy-food-at-the-same-time_0In the beginning was difficult but soon I start learning how to do it. In terms of grocery shop I learn that frozen vegetables and fruit are more cheap and last long than fresh ones. So I brought spinach, broccoli and others. Even the fruit for my morning smoothies I buy frozen because first is more cheap and then give a fresh taste to the smoothie.

Another tip that I start doing was compare the supermarkets and use the coupons that I received at home. Buy frozen fish, buy the meat and put in bags in the freezer ready to make when I need. For example, in a meal I don’t use a whole onion, normally just 1/4 so what I do I cut the other 3/4 and prepare in freezing bags to use for another time. This way I can save it. And I do this for other vegetables as well.

In this way I manage to reduce my grocery bill from 300£/month to 150£/month. What is very good thinking that I’m eating more healthy food and I cut as well with the meals out.

So in my monthly budget what I do in the beginning of the month is take out of my account 150£ for the grocery and 50£ for eating out put in my wallet and don’t use any more money apart from that one. And I can say works, I’m eating better and saving money.

Eating out, stay focus…

With all this changes in my life, I start going out again. And if you are changing yourself you start feeling good going out, feeling good making yourself pretty. So I start feeling that I deserve with all my effort have a nice lunch/dinner out with some friends, or even a date. Yes, with all this I could start going on dates again and knowing what I want for my life.

Eating out can be challenging when you are trying to keep your focus on the diet and be healthy.

fullsizeoutput_755What I learned was try to go to restaurants that have a bit more healthy options, like avoid fast-food like hamburgers and fry food. I continue having my favorites types of food, like Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican. But I start choosing the healthy options.

Most part of the restaurants now have a healthy option,  and if not they have options with salad or with more grill meat or fish. Avoid the heavy sauces, like meals with béchamel or mushroom sauce, they are very tasty but with lots of calories.

So what I have been doing is, don’t ask for a started as make me full and not able to enjoy the main meal properly. Have water instead of fizzy drink, or have a natural juice if the restaurant have that as a option. And in the desert, if it is moment to have it, go for a fruit option. Sometimes this options have sugar but in life we need a bit of sweetened, so it is not a big deal to have a treat sometimes.

Because creating healthy habits, and not restrictions. Enjoy life…


Change outside but as well inside…

Doesn’t matter if you are loosing weight as you want, but in your mind still the feeling that you are not grateful for the achievement done.

Something that I learned in this journey was I need to be grateful for everything that happens in my life. Of course that is not easy everyday, but with the time I learned how to be more positive about things and that help me not finding the bad things that happen, that bad. I start to understand that everything has a purpose to happen.

happy_heartFor this to happen, I organize my day to not loose the focus in what I want to do, to keep my goals in my mind, be positive and, of course, grateful.

My main goal for everyday is feel good, nothing and no one can get me down. I start to ignore the people that I know that get me down and they don’t bring any benefit for me. At work is difficult sometimes, and I say this because is where I feel that is more people that want me sad and down, so I don’t do my job correctly. So what I start doing was ignore, don’t talk with them about my private life and concentrate in what jobs I need to do for that day. (I still talk with them about work but the minimum and what is necessary).  I needed to work myself to the things I do, to receive love, to feel the love from doing it. Was doing this that I start loving again my job, was doing this that remind me again why I done my graduation, and why I love this work in the beginning. And I can say that almost 1 year later since I start changing my way to see life, I’m progressing in my career.

With all this changes I start feeling good, because I’m doing what I like, I’m enjoying the work and seeing that my effort is having results. I’m finding time to do exercise that before I was to tired to do, I start wanting to cook and be again creative, and with all that I start loosing the weight I wanted. I didn’t arrive yet to my goal but I’m working on it without loosing my focus point.

So my main point is be positive, be grateful for the things that happen, feel the love for the things and people surround you. Look for the people around you and see their happiness, if it is negative energy around, think positive, think in love.

With all this I can say at the moment I’m a independent and happy women.